Why Looks Don’t Matter For Gaining Success With Women

Why Looks Don’t Matter For Gaining Success With Women

Ok, the title is pretty self-explanatory… and it’s a pressing issue for guys and their abilities to attract a girlfriend. So, once more for the record:

When it comes to attracting women and getting a girlfriend… LOOKS DON’T MATTER.

If you haven’t heard this before, then this will be a revelation for you (as it was for me when I first heard it)… and if you HAVE heard it before, well now I’ll just explain to you exactly WHY such is the case… and HOW to use it to your advantage.

What Attracts Men Isn’t The Same As What Attracts Women

Ok, first of all, if we were to take a look at the No. 1 female attribute that attract men, guess what comes up…

Thats right… LOOKS.

Let me ask you, who do you respond to (who would you rather sleep with): A hot blond with a big bust or the funny fat girl?

That’s right… the hot blond. Period. (Now if you said “the funny fat girl”… dude, that’s just wrong!)

So simply put, guys on adultfrienedfinder are attracted to looks… which is why it’s natural for guys to think the SAME thing corresponds to women… but it doesn’t.

So if women aren’t attracted to good looks, what are they primarily attracted to?

Believe it or not… it’s PERSONALITY.

That’s right, if we made a list of male attributes that attract women and ranked them, GOOD LOOKS would probably rate No. 10, while PERSONALITY would rate No. 1

So back to the example. If we took the average girl… who would she respond to (who would she rather sleep with): A hot blond guy with a big frame, or the funny fat guy?

The answer is actually very questionable. Let say the hot blond guy was very Shy, Introverted, Insecure and Unsociable… while the funny fat guy was very Fun, Humorous, Extrovert and Sexually Confident – knows how to use thrusting vibrators.

In such case, I’m willing to bet that the girl would actually end up sleeping with the funny fat guy, over the hot blond guy!

Once again, primarily women are attracted to personality characteristics OVER physical looks.

As long as you’re not morbidly impaired physically (like you’re missing an eye and you have no arms)… you have the chance of obtaining great success with women.

In fact, even if you ARE missing an eye and have no arms, you still have great success with women (if you want proof, type in “Sean Stephenson” into google or youtube… he’s a dating guru whos like 3 feet tall and in a wheelchair… and yes he gets laid!)

I could go on and on in a big rant, but I’ll leave it as that for now.

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