Playful Teasing

Playful Teasing

One of my biggest breakthroughs in meeting and attracting – picking-up – women was learning to playfully tease them. (I realise now this is absolutely crucial not just in picking-up women but in relationships too.)

Before understanding the importance of playful teasing, I used to talk to women I didn’t know (when I managed to force myself) in a very serious way. I’d talk about work, relationships, kids, the weather, or whatever but in deep and meaningful way! In others words, I used to talk to girls I was interested in, in a dull and boring manner. Dull and boring conversations do not create chemistry or attraction between two people! It took me a long while and a lot of experimentation to realise that!

But, light and playful teasing does build chemistry! Playful teasing is not sarcasm, flattery, or paying compliments; it’s simply teasing about something in a playful way.

Here are two examples.

I’m in a fast food restaurant ordering some food and the waitress is cute and she’s serving me.

Me: “How much for your company cap?”

Waitress smiles: “Sorry, it’s not for sale”

Me: “I’ll give you 20 pence?”

Waitress laughs: “It’s not mine”

Me: “Ok, I’ll have it for free”

Waitress laughs again.

Me: “Last offer £1000!”

I’m in shop buying some clothes and there’s a cute girl serving me.

I hand over the clothes to the girl and smile at her, she looks at me and smiles back (it’s time to tease I’m thinking).

Shop girl: “£64.32 please”

I go to hand her £70 pound and but pull it back before she takes it out of my hand.

Shop girl smiles at me.

I do it again!

Shop girl laughs: “Stop it”

These are some simple examples of how to be playful with girls you don’t know. There are literally many, many different ways to tease. But practice and improvement makes perfect!

Teasing is an absolutely essential skill in attracting women! It also sets the scene for taking it further.

A good way to improve your skill in teasing women is to become an observer first and think about different ways to lightly tease at adultfrienedfinder app. Then once you can easily think of some fun ways to tease, start practicing!

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