Sensual Candles: A little History of Candles

The use of candles dates back over 3000 years. Early monks were said to be the first to create candles and used them in church services and as a means of revenue for early monasteries. Until the advent of electricity, candles were a very important part of daily life.

Different native materials have been used around  the world to create candles: olive oil, flax threads dipped in pitch, coconut oil, palm oil and beeswax were all used before the advent of electricity.

The English developed the process of refining bayberry wax. The fragrant bayberry candle remains a favorite to this day.

andles have a way of evoking special feelings in us. Candles are burned at christenings, weddings, funerals, Christmas, Easter and a host of other occasions. There is just something about the soft light that a candle brings that modern electricity simply cannot compete with.

Cleopatra was said to have used Sensual Candles in her lovemaking rituals. These were not paraffin wax candles, (the typical kind used today), but exotic bowls of highly fragrant semi-soft oils that were burned to fill her private bedchambers with exotic, stimulating scents. You go girl!


Looking to stimulate your man physically with the scent of specific candles? Then consider lavender, licorice, cinnamon, cypress, chocolate, doughnuts and pumpkin pie scents. These particular scents increase blood flow to a man’s phallus.


Looking to stimulate your woman physically with the scent of specific candles? Then consider exotic jasmine, neroli, musk, rose, and vanilla. These scents are known to stimulate a woman’s sex drive.

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