Social Status

Social Status

Social status relates to how important or popular you are and is important when seducing women. That is why celebrities, athletes, rockstars, and millionaires get so many women. Women’s attraction is much more complicated than men’s, partly because status places such a large role in their attraction. Because of this, it is important to know some of the factors that make up your status.

Power – Women are attracted to men with power. I believe the reasoning behind this is that when a women gets with a powerful man, they are able to show control over him. In turn, the woman feels very powerful because she is able to influence a man who is able to influence so many others.

Wealth – Particularly in the western hemisphere, wealth is very important to women. Money signifies the ability to provide for a partner or family. Additionally, money allows for many exciting times and experiences. Women also on adultfriendrfinder often like wealthy men because they can be pampered or can be linked with having money.

Popularity – By going after a popular person, a woman stands to be cherished by a person so many people look up to and admire. Many people want to be seen on TV with the latest celebrity hunk and being that woman to be the focus of so many other’s envy. She can also promote her products like for example best thrusting vibrator with the help of popularity.

Perception – A man’s perception can also be very influential. Common popular perceptions for women right now are foreigners with sexy accents, military men, and people of mystery. Think about James Bond. In the movies, the women loved him due to the perception of being classy, suave, and mysterious.

The four traits listed above are the most important factors to a person’s social status. If this subject interests you, think about some men that women are always attracted to (even ones you may know personally) and analyze how they match up to the characteristics. Odds are it will work pretty well, like the following examples: high school jocks, Hugh Hefner, Tommy Lee, U.S. President Clinton, Tiger Woods.

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