The Best Methods To Attract Women

The Best Methods To Attract Women

Have you been struggling to know how to attract women? Maybe you have tried approaching women or going on dates but nothing you do attracts them to want more. How is it that you see all these gorgeous women hanging of the arms of more ordinary, less interesting guys than you? What have they got that you don’t have?

First of all, you need to get out of the ‘friends zone’. You may think that it is a good idea to become friends with a woman you met at dating site login before you go in for the kill and ask her out on a date with hopes of becoming more than ”just friends”but this is not a good idea. Getting out of the ”friend zone” is extremely difficult because the woman does not see you as a potential sexual partner right from the start. You must let the woman know that you want more, so that even if she is not ready to date yet, she knows that there is a possibility in the future.

So,how to attract women, what to do?

Impressing women is simple once you have the know-how and you just go out there and go for it.


The essential rule number 1 is that you look clean and smell nice. Women love a man who’s hygiene is very good. So, before approaching a woman, make sure you have had a shower, brushed your teeth and hair and you are wearing something smart/casual.

Scientific studies in recent years have proved that one of the key criteria for attraction between men and women is the sex hormone that is given off by humans. When you are clean and scrubbed up, your natural pheromones transmit the data about your sexual interest, fertility and overall health to the women in order to attract them.

If you wish to attract women from a distance, try putting a nice scent on. Do not douse yourself in it so that it becomes too overpowering though!


Women are looking for a solid man! They like men who are men, someone who can care for them and protect them.They don’t want someone who moans and whines. Be a little rough and not too nice. A woman will often be wary of a nice guy and think that his intentions aren’t what he is claiming them to be. A bit of rough manliness will definitely spark the passion.


This does not mean that to attract women you need money, a flash car or a huge house. You just need to have or act like you have a higher social status than her, it has nothing to do with material things.

In other words, do not beg for her approval, do not let her believe she is better looking than she really is and tease her a little.

Be the “alpha male, someone who other men look up to (without being to bossy or dictative) by illustrating this high social value. Women consider it attractive.


A key to a woman’s heart is through humor. It is almost an essential requirement on a woman’s list of qualities she is looking for in a man. But you need the right type of humor so that you do not come across as goofy or a dork.

The best type of humor to attract women is what is called ”cocky comedy”.The aim of cocky comedy is not to make a woman laugh, it is about attracting her to you.

Cocky comedy is a combination of cockiness, arrogance and being funny. The cocky part attracts women because it is a sign of high status (see above), whereas when you put comedy with slight arrogance, it stops you from sounding like a complete cocky jerk.


Flirting and banter are very powerful tools when learning how to attract women. Call her names like dude, dork and brat. Banter with her like you would your buddies. When she does something, poke fun at her in a playful way.

Women like to have a good time, so don’t be too serious with her. Remember, women are followers! So if you take the lead and behave in a serious and boring way, she will too! Make her the focal point of the interaction and tease her. This will show her that you are confident and fun to be with.


Body language helps to give the impression of a high social value as well as helping with the humor element.

Make sure you stand up straight as opposed to slouching. When you lower your body language, it automatically gives you a lower social value.

Use gestures and expressions in your face to flirt and tease a woman. For example, go to give her something, but keep hold of it so that she can’t take it, or playfully hit her with a magazine, or tickle her etc.


A common mistake that men make when talking to a woman is talking too much or bragging about themselves trying to impress a woman. Women like to talk about themselves, so it is important that you take a back seat and listen to what she has to say. You can still take control of the conversation by asking her leading questions. So make sure you are paying attention to what she is saying!

Do not reveal too much about yourself too soon. Leave a bit of mystery about you to keep her interested. If she is attracted to you, she will ask you questions.


The most important way to attract a woman is to be yourself. Enjoy the process of attracting a woman. Relax, smile and have fun talking to a woman without worrying about rejection or trying to impress her. Not everyone female out there will like you, just like you are not attracted to every female.

The fear of rejection will prevent you from being yourself, so keep in mind, if you are just a fun guy to be around, who doesn’t want to be close to you?

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