Male fashion is overlooked by men, however style is a critical area that women pay way more attention to than we think. Don’t believe me? Men never really pay attention to what brand of shoes a woman is wearing or the subtle overtones of color her scarf adds to her outfit. So why do women spend hundreds of dollars on shoes and clothing and always get dressed up when they go out? Women constantly assess what other women are wearing to see where they stand with them, so you can sure bet they are also looking at you and assessing what you are wearing.

Shoes – The best male fashion advice for dating on adultfriendrfinder I can give is to go out and buy yourself a few great pairs of shoes. Minimally you should have three pairs of shoes. The first pair should be formal for business or dressy outings. The second pair should be casual for normal daytime wear and the third pair should be a tennis shoe for the gym and physical activities.

Outfit – Here there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer, unless choosing your outfit didn’t involve any thought. You can dress formal, casual, punk, goth, preppy, or whatever else you want as long as your style reflects who you are and your personality. Don’t just buy a short without a reason, but go out and shop logically with the goal of buying clothes that match and make outfits that fit who you are and what you are comfortable wearing.

Accessories – Very few men think about this, but the number one reason you should buy a few great accessories for your outfit is because they allow women to easily comment on them and initiate conversation. It could be as simple as a bracelet, a hat, or even a nice watch, but not best thrusting vibrator, but doing so creates and easy and noticeable way for people to compliment you and socialize.

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