The 3 Most Common Reasons Why Women Reject Men At The Last Moment

The 3 Most Common Reasons Why Women Reject Men At The Last Moment

ver met a girl, chatted her up successfully, taken her to an isolated spot, things got hot and steamy…and then suddenly she pulls back? Just like that, she starts resisting and putting a stop to your advances. What a bummer, right? Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of guys. Sometimes women reject men at the last moment. And like all the other guys, you then probably beat yourself up thinking it’s all your fault, that you made a wrong move or did something stupid, even though you know how to seduce women, because why else would the girl end up resisting your sexual advances at the very last minute?

But instead of being so critical of yourself, analyzing all the ways you could have possibly messed up, you should open your eyes to the real reason why your efforts fell through. Because, the truth is, you could be doing everything by the book and still not seal the deal.  Why? Most likely, something is up with her.

Let’s look at this situation. You already know how to seduce women. She is with you. She followed you back to your apartment (or took you to her bedroom or some other private place) and you are well into it already, touching, kissing, getting it on. It’s not that she is not into you, because she wouldn’t be there if she weren’t. The attraction is there, she wants you. So why is she stopping you? Or rather – what is stopping her?

First of all, consider this. It is very possible that she didn’t have the right mindset. She was thinking that sex was not an option with you but you start seducing her on adultfrienedfinder app and catch her off guard. She is not prepared.

There are 3 most common reasons why women reject men or more precisely, pull the LMR (last minute resistance) on you. And even guys who are already advanced in the game aren’t aware of them.

  1.  She might have a boyfriend/husband you don’t know about and as you’re making a move on her, she starts flipping out wondering what the heck she is doing.
  2. She probably didn’t shave/wax. As crazy as it sounds, women are extremely self-conscious about their ‘downstairs’ and if everything is not in tip-top shape down there, she doesn’t want you anywhere near it.
  3. The most common reason: She could be on her period. Now, some guys don’t mind that but if you’re an Average Joe, you’re out of luck during ‘that time of the month’.

Why women reject men is that simple. if you’re with a girl and everything is going right until she pulls back at the last moment, it’s probably not you. On most occasions,  the problem is on her side. In fact, as much as 75% of the time one of these 3 reasons will answer why she resisted your sexual advances. So, don’t lose your confidence. Next time you will get her (or another girl) because you can Seduce Women Like a King!

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