People Relationship Dating

People Relationship Dating

Over the past few years I have worked with over twelve thousand women, in the beauty and modelling business.

This includes models, actors, singers, dancers and of course with everyday people from countless different professions and all walks of life.

Giving advice to people about getting into the modelling industry – what to do, and what not to do – very quickly established a lot of trust in me with my clients.

A lot of this advice had to do with how to develop lasting self confidence, how to make the most of what resources were available to them, and how to develop a winning attitude.

Soon enough, people began to tell me how they had applied some of the principles I had taught them to other areas of their lives.

Particularly when it came to dating or in their relationships.

Quite often, people would ring me up and thank me about the advice I had offered them, and tell me how it had made a positive change in their relationships.

At first, I didn’t realise what an impact some of the things I was teaching them would have on this area of their lives, but the thanks kept rolling in.

Naturally, people began asking my advice about other areas of their lives too.

During this period, I began to learn a lot about relationship issues. People would often ask my advice about different relationship issues, to get a “male perspective”.

Soon enough I began to realise that a lot of the problems stemmed from the same reasons. And a lot of people had the same relationship or dating problems.

Having the added advantage of being a man working predominantly with women, it was easier to understand things about male behaviour and how men respond or react to certain situations or circumstances.

So I began to take note of things that worked.

I knew if certain things worked for one person, then it stood to reason, that in the same circumstances, it could work equally as well for another.

I tried reading about relationship issues, but I have never been really academic.

In fairness, most books on relationship issues sent me to sleep.

They were written by academics that studied from text books and didn’t really seem to be connected with real people and real lives.

In theory a lot sounded good. In practice, people had to have a PhD to decipher what to and how to apply the advice being offered.

Magazines were not much better. Articles were mainly based around surveys and polls and were designed to sell, not really focused on offering any real help.

So common sense, a keen intuition, my own and OPE (Other People’s Experiences) were what I began to base the core of my advice around.

Learning what worked for people, and finding easy ways for others to learn those skills to help them in their relationships was what mattered.

It’s been tough. I often got things wrong.

Looking back, I would have advised some people differently knowing what I do now to what I did then.

But life is a learning process.

A great teacher of mine once told me “If you’re green you grow, if you’re ripe you rot…”

I decided to stay green.

My biggest learning about relationships is that it is actually the women who have the power.

Yet they usually give it away, throw it away, or never realise it exists.

Don’t agree?

Look at how full the web is of courses, e-books, articles, and other information geared towards men for example also app Adultfrienedfinder app – All teaching them the one and the same basic principle to fulfil their desire – “How to get the girl of your dreams…”

But it’s what happens after they have got the girl of their dreams that counts. And usually the count ends soon after the first week.

That’s the purpose of this site.

It is new, and it will offer a very no-nonsense approach to a lot of the topics that are covered. It will remind you about the power you possess, just by being a woman, and how to use that power.

It will teach you how to make your relationship work – and if need be, how to re-educate the man in your life, that you are not a prize that loses value after the win.

This isn’t the female version of “how to get the girl of your dreams in bed within 10 minutes” or “seduction techniques for guys” kind of thing.

It is not about getting one up on men.

It is about creating a win/win situation for both you and your partner.

Over the next few months, you will see many articles, some light hearted, but a lot, more serious, not only telling you about things, but actually showing you how to implement real life strategies to make your relationship work.

The past few years have been an educational journey for me, with lots of learnings.

Through this website I hope to share that journey and lots of those learnings with you.

Wishing You Happiness In Life And Love,

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