The Truth About How To Get A Girlfriend

The Truth About How To Get A Girlfriend

So you don’t have a girlfriend.

Let me ask you a question… why do you want a girlfriend?

That’s right… WHY?

Well, let me answer the question for you. As a man, the reason why you want a girlfriend is because you want SEX!

That’s right, I don’t care what you say, I don’t care what you think… SEX is practically the only real reason WHY you want a girlfriend. Secondarily yes, you may want a girlfriend for fun, excitment & meaning in life… but primarily the sole reason WHY you want a girlfriend is to have SEX.

Now… let me ask you another question, WHY is it that you don’t have a girlfriend?

Well, let me answer this question for you also. The BIGGEST reason why you DON’T have a girlfriend is because you’re NOT getting SEX. Yup, that’s what I said… you’re not getting laid, and that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend.

What I mean by this is that when a guy is NOT getting sex, he is prone to becoming sexually frustrated, needy, nervous, socially unconfident and generally thinking that he’s not “worthy” of sex or a girlfriend. As you can imagine, this frame of thinking does NOT allow you to obtain a girlfriend. Period.

Now on the other hand, imagine if you’re getting a lot of casual sex with women on a weekly basis, AND you have a lot of sexual experience. A guy who is getting laid has social confidence, sexual non-neediness, no amount of “frustration” and definately thinks hes “sexually worthy”. Now from this frame of thinking, such a guy will have practically NO trouble getting himself into a long-term relationship.

The Dating Paradox

What I’m doing is pointing out a PARADOX… and that paradox is:

You want a girlfriend BECAUSE you want SEX, but you don’t have a girlfriend BECAUSE you’re NOT GETTING SEX!

Ok, so how do you use this “paradox” to your advantage?

Well let me tell you know, the EASIEST way for you to gain an ABUNDANCE of girlfriends is to learn how to get a lot of CASUAL SEX on adultfrienedfinder. To put this another way, the easiest way get a girlfriend is to NOT WANT A GIRLFRIEND… but instead, you should look to do provide casual sex with the women you meet. By providing women with casual sex, getting a girlfriend will become an AFTER THOUGHT.

Now you may be asking… “But how do I get casual sex if I can’t get a girlfriend!?!”

The answer is, once you learn that women are sexual beings and that they WANT sex, they want to use that thrusting dildo… providing them with nothing but SEX and NOT relationships becomes an EASY feat.

Let me tell you something…

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