Tips On How To Pick Up Women

Tips On How To Pick Up Women

Going on an instant date creates an insane amount of comfort and trust which is exactly what you need if you want to take her home.

Anyways, I try to get as much instant dates as possible.

So I can take her for coffee, go for a walk, go inside a store and look at clothes.

The more time I spend with her, the better.

Then I do one of three things.

I either try to take her home, set up a date for the same night, or just get her number.

If I want to get her back to my place, I just take her to the supermarket. Then I tell her to help me pick out something to eat for dinner, ice cream, and some movies.

I try to get her involved as much as possible. In that way, It becomes OUR idea, not just my idea. She sort of becomes my accomplice, if you know what I mean.

…And since the ice cream is going to melt soon, I need to take it back to my place right away.

And at this point, we head back to my place and she teaches me how to cook… and other fun stuff as well!

Now that’s the short version of how I do it.

You know, I personally used to be so SCARED of picking up women on Adultfrienedfinder and trying to take her back to my place. That’s because I didn’t know how she would react and I didn’t want to get rejected.

Now that I understand this particular “moment in time” better, and now that I understand more of the “dynamics” of what’s going on, I get MUCH better results personally…

In fact, I never get “nervous” anymore when it’s time to pick up women and take a them back home, and I rarely if EVER have a woman say “no” to me.

Now, in this newsletter I’ve shared a few points to help you get better results in this particular area. Use them. They’ll definitely help you.

You should read this newsletter right before you go out to pick up women or before your next date.

But as you can probably tell, this is just one of MANY important facets of success with women. In fact, this is just scratching the surface of the skills you’ll need if you want to have CONSISTENT success with the most DESIRABLE women.

The reality of this situation is that if you want to take control of this area of your life and not walk helpless with women anymore, you’re going to need to take more steps to get yourself educated on this topic even topics like how to use thrusting vibrators.

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