How To Impress Women In A Club

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How To Impress Women In A Club

We get asked this question all the time, “What can we do to try to impress a lady?”

The answer is if you try to impress her, you will accomplish the opposite.

The majority of guys that go out to a club try to impress women, and they go out of their way to prove it, acting like dancing monkeys with a cup in their hands. This has the same affect on women as the poor beggar in the street who harasses you for money, could you spare some change?

Men have a natural need to impress a lady this hearkens back to the caveman days where a man could impress a woman with his hunting and survival skills, but since she can fend for herself those talents just aren’t warranted in the modern era.

Have you ever said to a lady that you have a good job, make allot of money, or drive a fine car?

Well bragging in that way creates an opposite affect and the person inherently questions the ability or the reason. The trick is to play yourself down when you are on the up.

We call these men who try to impress or brag, try-hards and women will question why they are trying so hard.

What does he have to hide?

Why is he so insecure?

Why does he feel the need to tell me that?

You have to appreciate that women have this frame in their mind at all times: “He will do and say anything to get into my pants.”

Therefore, if you come up juggling your own balls and showing insecurity by overly impressing, she will just reaffirm that phrase in her mind. Can you see how your actions can be counter productive by overtly trying to impress her? Don’t worry as we said this is a natural reaction for men so you are normal for having it, but it is time to join the elite!

The trick is to be that desirable person, and not to try to show that you are. There is a huge difference between the two, one is secure and the other is weak. Time to take off those old shoes that failed to get you to the best places and try on a new pair, which will make traveling to any destination you want easier.

Here are 5 Ways to Exude the Personality of a Man that Impresses Women:

1) Think Fun, Not Outcome!

Most guys get all serious and have tunnel vision as it pertains to attracting a lady, and they can only see the finish line. Murphy’s Law applies with the more you try to pull them the more you are going to push them away. So stop pulling! Have fun and the outcomes will manifest themselves.

2) Befriend Everyone

Guys will focus just on the lady who interests them and then get Cock blocked by other males, or Mother Hens, get in the habit of talking to everyone. Start conversations with the Doormen, talk to people in line, talk to everyone you run into, look around you there are a million specific questions just on the environment around you to ask them? A good place to start is with lone people, as they are most likely waiting for someone, and would appreciate someone to take the awkwardness of being a Wall Flower away by giving them something to do.

3) Don’t Be Desperate

Don’t cling onto every person you meet and hang around until they run for cover. If you are in a club then you will most likely run into them again, be strong cut them lose and they will be even happier to see you the next time. Women also have a frame of mind that they won’t be able to get rid of you, if you walk away you will surprise them.

4) Don’t Be Afraid of Groups

Allot of men stay away from groups whether they are all female or mixed with both sexes for fear of failure, the truth is actually The Opposite. Opening groups is easier and speeds up your ability to meet a large amount of people. Women will be very impressed if when you are walking around a club allot of people say Hi, or respond to you. This is what we call Social Status, and your value will go through the roof if you have it.

5) Dress to Impress Yourself

If you don’t feel like a million bucks when you walk out the door then it will show, and your confidence will be affected by it. Now you don’t have to pay a million dollars for an outfit, even one of those tacky polyester suits from the 70’s will work as long as you feel like a world-beater in it.

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