Psychological Secrets for Picking Up Womens Intrests

Psychological Secrets for Picking Up Womens Intrests

Many a man uses his whole gamut of tricks in his proverbial bag to pick a gorgeous woman’s interest.

From signifying a lightening quick wit…

… To sharing interesting stories about himself…

… To doing magic tricks like a clown out of Barnum & Bailey’s festival…

… To asking her interesting questions and then sitting there quiet the way people sit in church…

… To, if he has a huge schlong like I do, pulling it out and showing it to her. (Mine is nine inches… when I gauge from the back of my butt – ca-ching!)…

… And the list goes on.

But to his disappointment her eyes wander to her cell phone to check to see if anyone called or text messaged her. They roam to the people in back of him.

In fact, just about everything in his surroundings seems to charm her except for him, causing a billion and one insecurities to snake into his mind, such as…

1). She must think I am ugly as sin.

2). Does she find me as dull as Velveeta cheese?

3). Do I have the personality of a houseplant?

4). Did I forget to wear deodorant?

5). Is my personality going to be an obituary in tomorrow’s paper?

And if he’s sour, he might think, “She’s like a hot toilet seat: some guy was there before me, another will be there when I get up.”

Like a tough working mule, he takes one last crack at making conversation with the girls he met on login.

But, alas, she stings him with, “It was nice meeting you but I have to go.”

In retrospect, he might think, “Damn! That fall-asleep mind-numbing conversation piece about rumoquin marcel took the pickup to a crippling stop. It was like the one unlucky drink that shoves a wavering alcoholic off the wagon. I should’ve never used it.”

Most of us have experienced something along these lines. I have more than I’d care to admit.

Many of us have thought, “If I only had more exciting things to say, do, or show women, my outcome with them would be totally different.”

While this may be true to a degree, most great orators, politicians, and salesmen will tell you: The content of what you say is far less important than how you say it.

I’ve seen comedians put a crowd in stitches one night and bomb the next.

While the stand-up comedian routine they used was exactly the same on both nights, their deliverance was completely different.

For this reason…

You won’t learn any exciting conversation pieces, cute lines, or fall-on-the-floor-laughing jokes in this article.


I’m going to educate you a communication secret that captivates women.

But before I go on, I want you to make me a promise (and, as you’ll see in a few minutes, this promise is for your own good)…

No matter how unexciting you think you are – even if you think you’re more boring than a ninety year old woman living in a nursing home – I want you to promise me that you won’t change the content of what you talk about with women for one week.

Here’s why…

I want you to see for yourself how only adding this simple secret to what you now do and say when interacting with women can radically increase your success.

In school, most of us were trained to finish a thought or idea before moving onto the next.

Great advice if you want to force women into a narcoleptic stupor. A few minutes listening to you and insomniacs will sleep like babies.

But if you want to become a charismatic Casanova that compels women to hang onto his every word, you need to break this crippling habit and start using nested loops.

A nested or open loop is when you start an idea, thought, or story, and instead of finishing it, you move onto something else. In other words, you keep the loop open.

Whenever the human brain is presented with an open loop – incomplete idea, thought, or story – it seeks closure.

Open loops are a form of what I call “tension loops” because they create unanswered emotional tension in a woman.

Even if a woman finds you as fascinating and attractive as a sewer rat, the open loop will instinctively compel her to hang onto every word that pours out of your lips and emotionally drives her to see you as a precious Prize.

Because she seeks declaration to the tension you’ve sparked inside her body and knows that you can bring closure to that tension, she perceives you as having value and heeds close attention to everything you say.

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