How to Keep a Guy Interested

How to Keep a Guy Interested

Sometimes it seems all guys have attention-deficit disorder? Men can be quite fickle with love, much in the same way women can be with clothes or shoes. So how do you actually get your spouse, boyfriend or just the guy you’re into interested in you? Below are a few things that you can do to spice things up and get him interested in you or rekindle his desire for you.

  1. Get interested in things he loves to do
    One of the best ways to maintain a relationship with the guy you’re into is by taking an active interest in One of the best things you can do to keep a guy interested is to take an active interest in his hobbies. The key though is to choose an interest of his that you can see yourself getting into. If he’s a huge football fan but you don’t know the difference between the New York Giants and New York Yankees and don’t care to know the difference, then perhaps you should go in a different direction. The point is to show him that you’re willing to try new things, particularly those things that he really enjoys doing.  Whether it’s surfing, going for a hike, going on road trip or watching obscure black and white films, if  you can find something that you both enjoy doing, you’ll be able to create a bond that’s sure to have him coming back for more.
  2. Reach into his pockets for the keys
    Well, really you’re reaching in for more than just his keys. According to David Niven, PhD, and author of The 100 Simple Secrets of Great Relationships, you should never underestimate the power of an unexpected touch.  You can create a positive physical connection by stimulating your mans nerve endings when he’s least prepared for it, making him crave more. Find opportunistic moments when you can ‘accidentally’ brush up against him or physically make contact with him. For example, instead of asking for the keys, slowly glide your hands into his pocket to take them out. When you see him at the bar, don’t just walk past him… instead make sure to press your body into his as you walk by.
  3. Highlight your talents
    If you have a talent that you’re proud of –  whether it’s taking amazing photos, being able to cook a meal like a 5-star chef, or swimming faster than a dolphin – you shouldn’t be afraid to show off, as long as you aren’t being boastful. Your talents will help you stand apart from the rest of the women vying for a guys attention and will make you all the more intriguing. Not only that, but showing off your skills should boost your confidence which is a trait that most men find extremely sexy and tend to gravitate toward.
  4. Put effort into your appearance
    While looks aren’t everything, you want to make sure to make yourself attractive to a man if you want to keep his interest. This can be done by putting effort into how you look. This doesn’t mean that you need to dress up every time you go out or wear make up at all times, however if you’re already looking frumpy by the third date and answering the door in sweats, then you’re going to need to rethink your entire strategy for how to keep a guy interested.
  5. Make small changes in your appearance for big results
    This goes hand in hand with the above tip about putting effort into your appearance to maintain a guys interest. “Men register eye-catching changes to your appearance, and it draws them to you,” says Lori Buckley, PsyD.  By adding some novelty to your look, you’ll ensure that his desire for you is strong.If you want to make sure to capture his immediate interest, the change to your appearance has to be ‘guy-visible’. To active that lust and desire, you’ll want to depart from your typical look. Perhaps, instead of your daily routine of pants, take a break so you can strut around in a miniskirt. Try wearing a noticeably higher heel. Try putting in some streaks in your hair. Or ditch the bra to put an extra bounce in your step.These small changes can make a big difference in how to keep a guy interested and keeping that desire for you strong.
  6. Compliment him
    Just because he isn’t fishing for a compliment, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like having he ego stroked. When a man hears praise from you, it reinforces the idea that you’re attracted to him. This in turn intensifies the feelings he has for you.

A few other things to keep in mind when focusing on how to keep a guy interested.


Make your man fantasize about you by delaying gratification. Tease him with a scintillating text message or send him a steamy picture to get his imagination running wild.


Men love a chase on adultfrinendfinder. By making sure you aren’t available to him 24/7 and showing him that you have an active life outside of your relationship, you’ll make sure that he has time to miss you.


Men flatline when things become routine… in fact it’s one of the big reasons why men tend to stray. Variety is key. Throwing a new move into your relationship maintains his desire for you.

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