How To Make Sex Techniques Work

How To Make Sex Techniques Work

Do your sex techniques turn her off?

I’m going to talk in the article about the four core areas you need to learn in order to become a sexual master. All of the four core areas I’m about to run through must be mastered in order for you to have full sexual mastery and understanding. Many people make the mistake of thinking after mastering just one area that they have a full understanding.  So lets begin with the first core area of required mastery.

Basic skills, exercises and sexual techniques

The first area you need to master I categorise as basic skills, exercises and sexual techniques. This is a collection of knowledge I group together as they are the physical acts that are engaged in during sex.
Examples of these include;
Knowing the female erogenous zones such as the G orgasm spot, the deep spot, the epicenter, the AFE zone and so on.
Understanding how to correctly stimulate these zones and areas both manually with your hand, with toys and during intercourse.
Also what training exercises and techniques can increase sexual performance performance. 

An understanding of how to get an erection when you want, maintain an erection for as long you desire, control you orgasm indefinitely, while at the same time enjoying everything about the sex.
Training exercises and techniques that increase stimulation and enable longer sex.
Techniques to intensify and lengthen orgasm. How and when to apply them.
How to give her different types of orgasms such at the g spot orgasm or the deep spot orgasm.
How to make her multi orgasmic.
The science behind arousal and orgasm.
How to make her orgasm so hard she squirts ejaculate also known as female ejaculation.
Anal sex methods, how to do it correctly, how to associate the anus as an erotic area and anal orgasms. 
All the ways of describing oral sex technique: good oral sex, better oral sex, how to give oral,  how to give oral sex, how to perform oral sex,  give good oral sex, sex technique oral and so on.
Safe sex strategies and safe sex methods to prevent STDs and STIs.
And no one. This is just a sample list and should not be considered conclusive but hopefully you get the idea. The first core area is about the physical techniques involved in love making.

The above are examples of some of skills, exercises and sexual techniques in the first core area. These are also probably what most people would consider sexual master to be all about. Most people would assume that once you have good sexual technique that you have mastered sex. This is wrong. You would be well on your way to mastery but you wouldn’t be a master.

They may assume for example that great oral sex is about finding oral sex positions and learning some oral sex tricks and oral sex methods. Knowing this will mean you have a better oral sex technique but mastering sexual techniques alone is not enough, you have to learn how to use best thrusting vibrator. Mastering this one area (technique) will not teach you full sexual mastery. Guys who understand just this one area become just simple love technicians or sexual robots and this is one of top complaints we hear from women on adultfriendrfinder about men sexually.

These guys lack passion, are robotic and can’t install a wanton sexual lust in women. I our surveys and other surveys a lake of sexual understanding of who the woman is and what she wants on an emotional sexual level was a top complaint. Understanding a woman’s sexual emotional needs does not come from learning sex techniques. Skills, exercises and techniques are very important but they are only one area of the 4 core areas of required mastery.

There is no point learning the best oral sex technique from oral sex tutorials and applying it if you haven’t learn what she responds to emotionally, what turns her on and what drives her mind wild. This is where the next core area comes in.

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