Why don’t men consider improving their sexual performance?

Why don’t men consider improving their sexual performance?

Maybe they don’t know where to look or how to practice. Or maybe they think their sexual skills and performance capabilities are something they are born with and can’t be improved. Well they are wrong! Dead wrong! New skills can be learnt and they can also be taught.

Consider the possibility that sexual performance is something that can be easily improved and mastered. Consider also the possibility that our workshops and products will empower you to master your own sexual performance.

Sex instruction created from real experience.

Master your sex like (MYSL) was created to help provide real-life practical information on sexual techniques and advanced sex techniques practiced on adultfriendrfinder. Taken from our sex experts’ real life experiences and NOT just academic theory like most other advice on sex.

I have over 10 years experience and over 1200 women under my belt through relationships, working as a male escort and as a porn star. I have a background in the seduction community and am educated in social psychology.

You don’t need to spend 10 years with over 1200 women painstakingly trying things out like I did to before you can become a sexual master. I’ve done all that for you. You can learn from us what all guys should know.

We also have a number of bisexual female instructors. They can teach you sexual mastery from both sides of the coin – from both being a woman and being with women – how to use best thrusting vibrator.

Just think. How much of a difference would it make to your life, and to the woman in your life, if you were one of those men who could really sexually satisfy women with ease?

If, as a man, you’ve not been able to make every woman you’ve slept with have strong multiple orgasms consistently and with little effort then I have the techniques you need to know.

I’ll re-emphasis that “with little effort”. It doesn’t require a lot of effort to give women multiple orgasms.

I will dispel the myths about penis exercise and you will learn how to give great oral sex and to understand the female mind as well as much much more.

Becoming a sexual master is not a magical or mystical process. Everyone can learn to become one and I can teach you how!

My knowledge comes from practical experience as a paid male escort to over 1200 women over the last 10 years. It’s not from academic theory and other guess work! This is the real deal I demonstrate live. Witness my oral sex tutorial so you can perform good oral sex yourself on any woman.

Are you looking for an Anal sex guide? Many people are. Many people who come here are searching for anal sex help. Many people are curious about the power of orgasm that can be achieved. My first anal sex tip for you is to do one simple task. Listen to our audio anal sex tutorial here. This is in three parts and is put together by our female sex experts from their unique insight on the topic. On the audio you can find out all you want to know about anal play.

We do not provide advice for couples. We are specialists in helping men and helping men become independently good in bed with as many women as you they choose to be with, be that just one or hundreds.

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