Sex tips for men

Sex tips for men

We teach real life practical sex tips for men, sex advice, sex techniques and sex secrets for men. We help improve your confidence, performance and technique. We offer a number of services for your self improvement and sexual mastery.

These include ~

  • Telephone consultation
  • Sex workshops
  • Private workshops
  • DVDs/CDs/books
  • 1-2-1 consultation and more.

You can also find other great sex tips on our blog, audio sex course and our products.

We have the most up to date, real-life practical information on everything to do with sex you can find anywhere. It’s everything you need in order to learn incredible skills in the bedroom and gain massive sexual confidence. What we teach isn’t the usual politically correct half truths you may be used to reading and hearing. We teach just the facts. What’s tried, tested and works!

We currently help and advise guys on a massive range sexual topics. Everything from anal sex advice to sexual psychology, from oral sex techniques to questions about penis length and oral sex secrets and how to use best thrusting vibrator. We also cover issues related to married sex and sex in casual relationships or how to use adultfriendrfinder.

Please spend time to look around the site and discover what we have to offer.

Sexual Mastery Workshop for Men

We run two types of workshops. A group workshop with five students and a private workshop with just one student.

Our workshops include both THEORY and PRACTICAL so YOU can see step by step our techniques live. And by practical, I mean I PROVE the theory we teach is real because I show it to you live in the workshop. So you know what we teach is the real deal AND not only is it the real deal but that you can master it too!

Watch and learn how to make any woman cum more times than you can count and with orgasms so hard she literally squirts cum! You will see it for yourself! And you will master it.

What I teach works on all women! But becoming a sexual master isn’t just about learning physical sexual techniques. You must understand a woman’s sexual mind to really be able to fulfill her.

Everyone can learn this. This stuff is pure GOLD information!

We cut out all the fluffy lies and political correctness and present you with just the straightforward facts.

NOBODY in the world is doing workshops like this but us! Why do you think that is? – It’s because most people can talk the theory but they can’t prove the practical. I’ll teach you that same level of sexual confidence and skill.

I can teach you everything I’ve learnt in the last 10 years in our intensive weekend workshop.

After my workshop AND with correct motivation you too can become a sexual master and live the sort of life you want.

I can teach you what other men don’t know and the huge new sexual confidence you’ll gain as a result will give you a major edge. 99% of guys don’t know this stuff.

You need to know that becoming a “Master” is not a magical or mystical process. It is something I can actually teach you. All you need is an open mind, a willingness to learn and the right motivation.

Rest assured that you will find all of the skills, exercises and techniques you need in these live workshops. The motivation is therefore up to you.

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