How to Pickup a Stripper?

How to Pickup a Stripper?

A room full of stunning girls, in a sexually charged atmosphere, all of them, approaching you. Surely this is PUA heaven. Unfortunately, many men don’t see it this way. They’re afraid of looking desperate or seedy when they go into a strip bar, and that it’s not the right situation for pickup. Reframe these thoughts. Strippers aren’t some different breed of being from others girls. They want to find an attractive man and be picked up.  In fact because they work nights, many of them don’t have the social life to go out and meet men, so their best opportunity is in the club they work at.

Without further ado I will lay out my ten step approach to picking up strippers.

1. Choose the right day of the week. This is a fairly simple one- during the weekend the girls are in money making mode, with customers everywhere. If they’re not getting cash out of you, you probably won’t get the time of day off them.  Choose a week night when things are more relaxed and there are not 100 guys to every stripper.

2. Choose your company well. Ideally, take an HB with you to raise your social proof and give the strippers a challenge. Of course this is not always possible, so at least try to bring a cool friend or average looking girl. Girls are especially useful, since many strippers a bi-sexual or just feel more comfortable around girls. Just don’t be one of a crowd of drunk, obnoxious guys or drooling perverts.

3.  Be comfortable. Walk into the place looking like you own it. Relax in the corner, and put your feet up. Chat and have a good time with your friends like you do on adultfrinendfinder and don’t get whiplash trying to catch every girl who passes by. You have to give the image that being there doesn’t faze you in the slightest and you’re comfortable being yourself.

4. Stand out from the other punters. The way you behave inside the club will dictate how a stripper will perceive you. A stripper will be attracted to you if you appear to not care about her affections. This means sitting away from the main stage area where the girls are dancing, RARELY tipping the dancers, tipping the bartender WELL, avoiding the standard “stripper services”, and engaging other people in conversations.

5. On this note, try to befriend the waitresses and bar staff. Speaking to them and tipping will make you look friendly, like a regular, and high status.

6. When I said rarely tip the dancers, I didn’t mean never. Don’t pay for a lap dance but occasionally buy them a drink or a bit of money (in a casual manner) for their time, if you see them getting fidgety. Remember that this is their job so they need to make a living.

7.  Compliment something different. Her personality, intelligence, wit, or the necklace she’s wearing. Don’t be false- genuinely try to notice things about her and don’t be afraid to mention them.

8. Humour rules. Make her laugh and you’ve done a lot of the work. Generally being in a cheeky mood and cockiness in a playful way will do this. For example, if she comes straight up to you and asks if you’d like a dance, correct her. Say “not like that dear, let me show you” and demonstrate to her how she should sit next to you with her hand on your lap, “now we talk for while and then you ask”.

9.  The foot massage is a powerful tool. After a little bit of chat it’s the perfect way to escalate kino on you terms. When they’ve been dancing for a long time, at the end of the night, a foot massage relaxes like nothing else.

10.  Her real name? Don’t bother asking. You won’t find the name Amber, Bambi or Candy on her birth certificate. I learnt the hard way with “My real name’s none of your business”. Dancers keep their names private to avoid being identified outside the club. They aren’t going to tell you what it is the first time you talk. And don’t ask if she’s single or if her boobs are real. She’ll say no, then yes—and she’ll be lying on both counts. But, hey, you told her you were an astronaut, so who’s kidding who?

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