There Is Only One Woman On This Planet

There Is Only One Woman On This Planet


I have a lovely girl, she’s bright, sexy, open minded, and crazy about me
ect ect.

But …

I am still into other girls, like years of being single have me ‘looking’
still, is there somthing magical that is suppost to happen to a man when
he enters a healthy relationship where all outside sexual desire

Do guys with girlfriends still check out other girls? Shouldn’t one girl
be enough?



When girls are in love and have a polarized Yang leader type, it’s been my experience that other men on login don’t appeal to them anymore. They can
appreciate a man’s beauty, but don’t particularly care to act on it and
seduce him.

Women are VERY loyal, but only when they’re in a “GTP” style relationship,
when they’re actually happy, which almost never happens.

A lot of guys in the ‘seduction community’ complain that girls tend to cheat a lot and cannot be trusted.

But this is because the guy doesn’t have his act together – yes he might be good at dating, but the same PUAtype will have very poor relationship skills because his Heart is closed. And he can only get with closed-hearted women because like attracts like.

So most average girls will cheat like it’s nothing because they are doing what they can to find guys who truly understand them and know the stuff we discuss here on ideaGasms. Guys with an actual open Heart. The upper 4%.

Men, on the other hand, are never loyal ^_^

Actually, when the man is unhappy and trying to train his beloved girlfriend and make an honest woman out of her, he will usually be loyal because he’s simply too busy!

Being in a relationship with most girls is a full-time babysitting job, at least until the guy learns leadership, polarity, compassion.

But when the relationship is healthy, polarized, the guy has real compassion etc. he will start shopping around. Women are like a conquest to the male ego, and once the man “wins” her heart, he will then naturally start preparing to meet new women to love.

It’s been my experience that women don’t actually respect a man who is 100% loyal and pretends to not be attracted to every other hottie. All those poor schmucks who tell their girl, “You’re the only one for me, I don’t care about other women” and so on are actually LOSING points, not gaining points.

There are billions of women on this planet, but in my twisted reality I only see ONE WOMAN, and her light shines through the eyes of every girl I meet.

It’s not uncommon for me to “fall in love” with most of the women I meet.

Even if they hate me, I barely even notice because I’m in awe, and I love them simply because I don’t have a choice in the matter, because I AM LOVE, we are all Love (and Love is just a word for consciousness).

Some women have more light than others. Yin Herself shines through the eyes of every female, but she shines at varying degrees.

I’m in a very blissful state called “compassion” and this state is kind of like the sun, it always shines and it touches everyone equally. It is unconditional, and I worked very hard on myself to get to this level. That little “5D Compassion” formula, people should take it seriously and start to use it religiously because it’ll get them into this state.

When one has true compassion for women, one’s empathy level is extremely
high. I know what women are going to ask me, I know what they’re thinking
and I know them even better than they know themselves, all because of

The temptation to go out and seduce every pretty girl I see used to be quite strong. It’s because I can probably get over 90% of the girls I talk to. I know exactly how to do it and it’s actually quite easy when one is standing in true compassion.

People who have done pickup workshops with me always used to ask, “What
did you SAY to her?” and I honestly don’t remember. I just merge with the
girl and it’s as if I become one with her.

(I no longer offer pickup workshops.)

There is only ONE WOMAN and she is Yin Herself, shining through the eyes of billions of women’s bodies.

Telling a girl that she’s ‘the only one for me’ would just be lying, and people know when they are being lied to.

I tell women the craziest stuff and I get away with it because it is sincere.

Like the other night I told this beautiful girl that even though I can’t stand her personality, I’m so in love with her that if she knew the extent of my love for her, and for all women (and I pointed to my two bisexual girlfriends, and to other women in the venue), I said, “If you knew how much love there is flowing out of my chest you would break down and cry. I wish you would see yourself through my eyes, you have no idea how beautiful you truly are”.

She then became addicted to me for the rest of the night and wanted to
know everything about me. Actually, it’s not “Stephane” she was addicted
to, it was the Compassion that flows out of my thymus and touches hers.
Love is an impersonal electromagnetic field of consciousness. There is no
“doer” of Love, one IS LOVE.

I say the craziest stuff and I get girls crying and falling in love within minutes. Or running away screaming, “Stephane is evil!”


I still get to enjoy the feelings of Love flowing through my body. It feels like when you just had an orgasm and your skin is tingling all over. I feel this energy (kundalini) running up my spine as well, and I don’t care if any girl is able to love me back or not.

It’s like, if you can imagine a girl getting pissed at you and yelling some very mean words to you. Take that movie and slow it down, and watch it in slow motion. Now forget her words, and start to see her beautiful breasts as they shake all over because she’s passionately yelling at you.

After a while, when one works hard on Compassion, one is in love with all
women and nothing matters anymore. Her behavior, her moods, her feminine
craziness is all seen as beautiful, easily forgivable, and simply awesome.

Perhaps you could tell this stuff to your girl, but I don’t know if she is
secure enough to handle it though. She might be too jealous and possessive
to handle the truth… I would tell her that there is only one woman and that she shines through the eyes of the various female bodies, and then tell her that I Love Yin very, very much… I would talk about how beautiful women are and how I love them all. I would also talk to her about her natural bisexuality – once a woman opens her Heart, she becomes bisexual.

Telling her anything else is a lie. You will always be attracted to women,
no matter how awesome your one girlfriend is. This doesn’t mean you have
to act on it, my lifestyle of being with multiple bisexual woman is certainly not for everyone.

So these “frames” I am sharing are just some of the reasons I’m so spoiled
by women and usually have 2 or 3 bisexual girls sleeping in my bed. There
are some mornings I woke up next to 5 girls, but I don’t go crazy like that anymore because it’s too much work.

The only thing I do is LOVE WOMEN UNCONDITIONALLY, and deeply, sincerely, and they naturally want to bring more and more women to me so that they too can enjoy the same good feelings. They want to “share the wealth” so
to speak… It’s really that simple, in the end.

I have allowed myself to put down my guard and just fall in love with
every woman, with Yin. Again, it’s not “Stephane” they want to share, it’s Compassion and Love consciousness, which is impersonal and really has
nothing to do with “me”.

God Bless!

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