How Women Fall In Love

How Women Fall In Love

In this article, I’m going to propose to you an outrageous theory.

I want to tell you that we fall in love when we’re NOT in our crush’s presence.   

Remember the last time you fell in love with a girl? How did it happen?

If I am correct, I bet you had felt an attraction for her as soon as you saw her. But after you had gone home…you couldn’t help but to think about her more and more…and as you thought about her more and more…and imagined yourself in all sorts of romantic situations with her…you suddenly realized that you are in love…

Does that sound familiar?

I think a similar process happens with women. When they meet a guy they like, they may feel an attraction for him. But they ONLY fall in love LATER when they are NOT in the guy’s presence anymore. They fall in love as they later think about the guy and wonder, “Does he like me? Or does he not?”

Here are a few ideas on how you can use this concept to attract women on adultfrienedfinder:

    1) Don’t Be Too Available: Let women think about you and fall in love in the process.

    2) Don’t Tell Her You Like Her: Let her wonder instead!

    3) End Dates Early: Give her more reason to think about you.

Good luck with women!

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