Keys to the VIP

Keys to the VIP

Keys to the VIP is a Canadian reality TV show aired on the Comedy Network and Fuse TV. The show involves two self-proclaimed PUA (Pick-up Artists) competing against each other to pick-up women in a real bar. The two pick-up artists go head-to-head with each other in three rounds with objective to seducing women. Their antics are closely watched on hidden cameras by four judges, expert in their own style of seduction. The winner of each episode is rewarded with a party in a private VIP room with a select group of friends.

The judges are : there’s Alen, the calculating Don Juan who cuts through the flannel and tells you exactly where it’s at; Chris, the traditional romantic of the four whose fixation on poetry and integrity would have seen him get less ass than a software developer were it not for his model good looks and financial success; Peachez – a slick talking frat-boy brother who honed his pick up skills out in the field and last of the four Sheldon, the suave contrarian who holds his own counsel and often wields the deciding vote on the panel.

On each episodes, the players are given three tasks from a set list of games. For example, in the episode of Marks Sparks against Kyle “The Diesel”, the first task was called Speed Dial, the objective is to obtain a woman’s phone number in less than a minute. Another game is Call you Shot where the aim is to seduce the women your competitor has selected for you to approach. And there are also the dangerous games such as Recovery where the the players objective is to initiate a conversation with a women by insulting her clothing and still try to walk away with her number.

Keys to the VIP features PUAs of different skill levels, some episodes feature contestants who are classified as MPUA (Master Pick-up artist) in the pick-up community. They are great fun to watch as, seeing them run real tight games is inspiring to viewers who are new to the seduction community and are learning The Game. Episodes featuring Mark Sparks and Kyle “The Diesel” and Donny “Danger” and Leo “The Carpenter” were great examples of picking up women in bars. Some episodes will feature ‘players’ who are just chumps who seem to never get any ass as much as they like to think they do. But still, indirectly these guys are giving you lessons on how not to approach women at adultfrinendfinder. In my opinion, the show is a must watch if you are new to the community and want to learn pick-up by watching others.

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