Canned Material – The Good, The Bad, And The Other Stuff

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Canned Material – The Good, The Bad, And The Other Stuff

Canned material… where to start?

Canned material, one of the most debated topic in the seduction community. For some, it’s great; others an abomination. Despite the conflicting views, both sides agree that canned material isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. From Ross Jeffries speed seduction to Mystery’s Venusian Arts, many PUA’s employ and teach canned material. Let’s break it down to the good and the bad.

The Good

Canned material is a great way for an AFC or aspiring PUA to get their feet wet. Many current PUA’s have entered the community in this way and regardless of their current attitude towards canned material, many of them owe their thanks to it. PUA’s unanimously agree that a strong frame and sheer confidence is one of, of not THE most important part of seduction. The “inner game” development is a process and takes time to figure out. The concepts of confidence, humor, and alpha male can be taught to a student but in order for a student to internalize and “learn” it, he must take his own personal steps toward self-improvement.

Canned material offers a solution to the time problem and in itself creates a form of game that can both be taught and learned in a short amount of time. Though it takes a form of a “Fake it until you make it” mentality, it does offer AFC’s a sort of gateway out of their old lives and into the shoes of a PUA. In seminars and boot camps both the concepts and canned material are taught but more often than not the material serves to show how a specific concept can be utilized and allows the students to internalize that concept even quicker.

For an AFC fresh and in the field approach anxiety and confusion can be overwhelming, but with a “script” to fall back on, the AFC no longer has to worry about what to say or do, all he has to do is stick to the script. The material he has been taught has most likely been field tested numerous times and dissected to the very bone. It works, he knows it works, and that knowledge in itself creates certain predictability to the sets. The material, when delivered properly, delivers results. Results not easily showed when one is developing his “inner game”. Suddenly the warcraft playing AFC can pickup a woman and proof of that is the number he now has in his hands. The results he got from his seminar/boot camp got him the result he wanted in a short amount of time and that alone in many cases serves as a sort of motivation for the AFC to continue his journey.

When sticking to canned lines it also allows for swift and easy post-game analysis. If a set went wrong, where did it go wrong? Did the student forget a neg or a false time constraint? If so, why are those important? With that analysis it comes back to the CONCEPT of negs and FTC’s. If he fully understands the concepts and can pick out exactly what he did wrong, he is already on his way to being a full PUA. For a beginning PUA, this step is essential to developing his game. If he cannot go back and track what exactly he did wrong there will be no growth in his game. Sound like canned material is the holy grail of seduction? Not quite, there is a darker side to canned material.

The Bad

Many students who learn canned material are excited about the results they are getting and stick to the material simply because it works. They are not growing or developing their game on adultfrinendfinder to suit their own specific personality and though they are getting results, they are ultimately affecting themselves by staying on the plateau. These sorts of students are frowned upon in the community and often regarded as “social robots”. They are walking around town, hitting up clubs using someone else’s material and implying it as their own. Sound iffy? If not, look up the word plagiarism. Now I am not poking at the legal aspect of plagiarism but the idea behind it. The “social robots” are not being themselves, they are being someone else. It’s almost like identity theft but instead of monetary gain, they are getting women.

Some may say it sounds more like a personal issue that he needs to work out himself. Maybe so, but what happens when the student approaches a set who’s already heard the material? What is he going to do when he realizes he, as well as someone else, has sarged out his entire area? Is he going to move or just give up? Both ridiculous solutions if he could’ve simply developed his game and created material that worked for him.

The Other Stuff

Canned material also creates a certain something that, pending the person looking at it, can be either a great or terrible thing. Canned material creates a marketable product. It creates a product that can be taught for a sum of money and bought to learn how to pick up a woman. Whether this is a good or bad thing is a matter of personal opinion.

The verdict, canned material is an important aspect of seduction. But like everything, including alcohol, should be used responsibly. Canned material should not be relied on, simply another tool in a PUA’s arsenal. Though many agree that solid inner game allows for freely flowing conversation; there are always times when canned lines, whether personally developed or taught someone else, can work effectively. Using someone else’s lines should be used sparingly if at all. Though beginners will use lots of other people’s material, it is important for them to develop their own lines and strengthen their inner game. Canned material straddles a fine line in seduction but it is safe to say that it plays an important role in the seduction community.

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