Ross Jeffries, Speed Seduction and Pick-Up Artists

Ross Jeffries, Speed Seduction and Pick-Up Artists

Ross is a world-renowned pick-up artist. He uses NLP to attract and seduce women. He developed his own personal ‘attraction’ technology called Speed Seduction.

Here’s a snippet from a recent article written about him.

Subscribers to his newsletter receive regular updates on such topics as How To Nail That Girl That Just Wants To Be Friends! And How To Induce A Hypnotic Trance In Three Minutes Or Less And NEVER Get Caught! Once you’ve advanced past the novice stage, you may want to enrol in one of his regular three-day Advanced Master Weekends where you will learn the breakthrough secrets that will turn you into a scoring genius, humping and pumping every gorgeous girl in sight!

In person, Jeffries is a little disappointing. I was hoping for a throwback to the glory days of swinging: elevator shoes, tight slacks, body shirt, hairy chest, gold chains and greased-back hair. Instead, the 37 year old is dressed conventionally and resembles a Jewish intellectual. On the walls of his house in LA’s Marina Del Rey, where I expected posters of girls draped over Italian sports cars, were saccharine photographs of Dalmatian and pussycats.

Jeffries claims the inspiration for speed seduction came from martial arts. “I thought to myself, a guy’s five-foot tall, 90 pounds, and knows wing-chun and he can kick the ass of a guy who’s six foot-five, 250 pounds of solid muscle – there’s got to be something like that when it comes to dating. Because I did pretty poorly at dating, I thought, there has to be a way around this, I can’t accept that the only thing I get in life is the women who like me or the leftovers. There has to be another way.”

Tyler is the Co-Founder of Real Social Dynamics, who has been the creative brains and main public speaker at dozens of seminars worldwide.

The foundational philosophy, concepts, and lessons of Real Social Dynamics centers around advanced material Tyler created while travelling around the world and analyzing male and female interactions.

After writing thousands of articles on dating, fashion, and nightclubs, Tyler began teaching at Real Social Dynamics Classroom Seminars, and then taking students out at night to become their personal wingman and instructor at Field Workshops at the world’s hottest venues to meet attractive women during the day and night.

As the world’s foremost authority on attraction, Tyler has developed the arts of social dynamics into a easier-to-learn linear science. While travelling around the world, Tyler would study the men that seemed to smoothly and naturally attract the most gorgeous women in the nightclubs and adultfrienedfinder app and streets of Europe, America, and Australia.

Tyler and the rest of the Real Social Dynamics spent all day and night for years modelling the successful sub-communication and mannerisms of those men that were successful with women, and have broken down their actions, words, and body language into a teachable and easy-to-learn linear science.

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