The Noodle Speaks

The Noodle Speaks

Okay, gentlemen, I’m finally putting something up for all of you…

This article is basically a general description of the behaviors associated with being good with women. To begin, I MUST stress the fact that confidence is the key to success with women. Too many times I’ve seen guys throw away their chances at getting with a girl because they waited too long. You MUST be quick in your actions. If there is any human, tangible quality that separates players from the rest of the pack, it would be spontaneity.

Being spontaneous, or “quick on the draw”, is one of the most important qualities you gentlemen can have when approaching women on adultfrienedfinder. One of the best ways to force yourself to be spontaneous is when you’re eyeing up a potential mate, STOP. When I say stop, I mean stop thinking for around 10 seconds. The first 10 seconds of thinking you do before you decide to approach a girl CAN and WILL destroy ALL confidence you have. Why??? The first 10 seconds of thinking in this situation is ALL negative reinforcement of your strategy.

Most of your thoughts sound something like, “She won’t go out with me” or “She’s gonna say no” or “Yeah, right, what would she want to do with me?” This is how 90% of all guys lose out on good lovin’. When I say stop, I mean stop and analyze the situation. Think about what you plan on saying to her, how you’re gonna look when you’re about to say it, and what rebuttals you can use against her responses to your initial contact. When you have a solid game plan, all you have to do is act it out. This is where the STOP comes into play.

Right before you go up and do it, or walk away in most cases, you have to say to yourself, “DO IT…NOW!!” Don’t say anything else, just tell yourself to do it and take those first 3 steps. Once you start moving, don’t think at all, just keep repeating to yourself, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT. Once you get there, just smile and do it. Now, when you make your approach, there are a lot of things to consider in regards to your appearance to the potential mate. First off, you HAVE to smile. It helps to think of a fun time in your life, like a part of a movie you saw that was hilariously funny and still brings a smile to your face when you think about it. That’s the kind of smile you need. An “I’m a fun guy” smile. Not one of those “predator” smiles where you’re kinda smirking at the girl like you’re gonna get her in bed and you know it. More like an innocent, non-threatening smile.

Another thing that helps a GREAT deal is eye contact. Eye contact can be the difference between a friend and a lover. When giving eye contact, make sure you NEVER let go. Look her directly in the pupils, try not to focus on anything else. If you have trouble, TALK TO HER EYES. I know it sounds funny, but talk to her eyes, literally. Say “hi” to her eyes, not her. Ask her eyes for her phone number, not her. Tell her eyes everything, don’t tell her anything. I know it sounds goofy, but you have to imagine you’re talking to her eyes. You know how they say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? The fastest way to a woman’s heart is through her eyes. Give her the proper gaze and she’ll be hooked. If you’ve ever had a woman tell you you had nice eyes, it wasn’t because you have nice eyes, it was because you looked at her the right way with them. You can make a woman blush on command with proper eye contact, plus it distracts you from looking at more appealing parts of the body.

Something else that helps a lot if the way you use your voice when you speak. This will sound weird, but you HAVE to talk from your gut. Don’t go making up false voices trying to make your voice deep when doing this. I simply mean don’t talk from your throat. The way you talk to your boys and the way you talk to the ladies should differ greatly. What I’ve found to be really good with chicks is to act like James Bond. I’m sure a lot of ! you are laughing at me right now, saying “James Bond? Yeah right.” Trust me, don’t be EXACTLY like him, stealing his lines and such, just act like him. What do I mean by this? Check it out: Think about how Pierce Brosnan acts when he’s macking on a nice honey…he’s smiling, he’s not showing a bit of nervousness, he’s witty, he’s perfect. He acts like he’s been macking on chicks for ages and it isn’t even a challenge to him, like women are SUPPOSED to respond to him. I’m sure Mr.Bond had a few blemishes, maybe even a small Johnson. But you NEVER, NEVER see him act like it. That’s the attitude you have to take with women, the “I don’t fail” attitude. You must go in knowing you’re going to succeed. Women are like dogs, they smell fear and then attack. You must KNOW that this chick is going to dig you and that you WILL get her number.

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