Truth About Using Routines To Pick-Up Women

Truth About Using Routines To Pick-Up Women

So I’m sitting at a café in Amsterdam, and by the time you guys read this, I’ll be back in the States.

But I was hanging out with Markus and a big group of people, and we were talking about The Game and everything else, and what the difference is between a real, natural approach and some of the stuff the guys do when they’re basically playing it as a game.

There are guys all over the world – in Rome, in Amsterdam, in New York City, in England in Leicester Square – where they’re just using routines all day.

They stand in the middle of the corner, and whenever a woman walks over, they basically say, “two set over there in the corner,””three set over there in the corner,” and, “open that set.”

So Markus is going to share something that most of you may not have heard of.

There’s a term out there called ‘cold reading.’

For anyone who is an actor, you know what a cold read is – you go out there on an audition and you read something cold from a script – that’s cold reading.

But it’s also a term that’s used out there in the market that I think is very interesting, and I’d like to have all of the women reading this article answer this question: if a guy is coming up using these cold reading routines, how transparent are they to you?

Markus: Hey, so just to start… pick a number between one and ten, and imagine the number in your head.

You got it?

So, I will come up to you now, and I’m going to say for sure that it’s seven.

That’s what something like 90% of people do when they think of a number between one and ten: they pick seven.

So there are guys actually out there that do that all day long. They stand somewhere in a square, and walk up to 50 women a day, and just ask each one this stupid question with the hope that the woman will actually like it, that she’ll laugh and find him attractive.

That’s just one of the techniques that are available on the market.
There are many other creepy things, like the ‘cold reading’ and ‘hand reading’ techniques, which are basically all about truisms.

Some guys take a woman’s hand and look at it, and say, “oh, many people think that you’re an arrogant person, but on the inside you’re quite vulnerable and insecure many times.”

Or other things like telling a woman that when it’s about men and about romantic relationships, she totally switches off her mind, and only follows her heart and her emotions.

But let’s be honest: who doesn’t do that?

Tell me any person for which this is not true.

So this is called a truism. Truisms are just standard things that are valid for almost every person on the planet.

There are guys that are using these truisms to trick women at login and to basically create attraction – or to TRY to create attraction.

But in reality what they’re doing is just coming over as a try hard clown.
Some people use one of these routines, some people use two, some people use three, and some people stack up to four routines in a row.

So just imagine meeting such a guy, kidding you with five of these stupid routines in a row. What would you think of him?

You would think of him as a clown.

Try hard is not natural. What do you do when you run out of material?

You’re stuck, and you’re in real trouble.

David: When you see these guys do this,
and you’ve done it – where you stack the
routines, and you told me a funny story
about a guy that stacked one routine after
another – the women do look at you as a

What happens then when you go out on a
date? Or when you call them back? What
happens then?

Markus: I don’t know. I know a guy who
is doing it, and I’ve never seen him go
out on a date with one of these women. I
mean the women like it – they laugh about
it, they gather around him – but they want
to be there because it’s fun.

But it doesn’t really create any attraction,
I think. It’s fun, but it’s like a clown.
You wouldn’t ever be attracted to a clown
in a show, would you?

David: I heard Bozo the Clown – who was a
big clown in America when I was a kid – I
heard he got laid a lot. And I’m sure the
guys who play the clowns in Ringling Bros.

I’m sure they’re doing it with the bearded lady every single night!

But besides that – no, I doubt it.

I think that guys are still looking for that magic band-aid. And these routines look like magic band-aids – because going out and building up real confidence is something that takes a lot of work.

But the problem is this: a lot of guys who are routine-based eventually realize that they’re not really connecting with women on a deep level, and they have to go out and re-do it all over again.

So I’d rather go out there and painfully learn how to connect with people. And if you notice today, we had zero routines, but yet doors were opened for us, we got a table at a restaurant – things happen to people that actually engage.

We walked in to places that we were in yesterday and people remembered us. People don’t remember routine guys – when a person sees you after you’ve done a routine on them, and they know it was a routine, they will actually run from you.

They won’t embrace you the next time you see them. So yes, that was interesting.

No matter what the “pickup gurus” tell you – getting really good with women isn’t an overnight process.

Sure you can learn a few “lines” or “routines” and probably be interesting to women for a couple minutes… or maybe even a night.


Truth is, it takes time to fully master the art of interacting with women – learning how to approach… how to dress… talk… flirt… get her info… set up dates… get intimate… manage your relationships… and more. Not only does it take time – it takes work.

I know, this is NOT what you want to hear. And certainly not what you often hear from marketers on the internet!

But the good news is that this is FUN work. I can show you exactly how to get amazingly good with women – to the point where it’s just your natural, everyday way of being.

And I’ll help you by using a simple, enjoyable, foolproof process I’ve developed in successfully coaching over 1,000 guys out in the real world.

Again, I’m not promising a “quick fix” or a “magic bullet.”

I’m talking about a PROVEN way for you to become what women often refer to as a “REAL MAN” – a guy with across the board confidence, who just so happens to have mastered the art of attracting women.

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