I was talking to a woman and she started complaining to me about her job

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I was talking to a woman and she started complaining to me about her job

Lance: But you know most, it’s just true, most guys can’t go to the places that women want to take them and that’s why when you learn this skill it’s so powerful because it’s not easy for other guys to copy. They can’t just copy what you say. They can’t just try an mimic your body language. They have to be able to do emotionally what you’ll be able to do when you do this stuff, so.

Andy: Yeah, it’s really an emotional range because you’ll see some guys (like the guys that never get girls are), they’re emotional, but they don’t have the strength side of it either. Whereas what you teach is great for guys because you do have the emotional register to go there and maybe tell a deep rapport story and cry, but on the other hand, at the same time you are that rock. You’re that solid person that is willing to open up for her.

Lance: Yeah, absolutely, and it’s obviously it’s… I guess I just want to say that this is very specific things you can do. And no, it’s not just about crying with them. Sometimes you need to challenge women even on adultfrinendfinder.com login. That’s one of my favorite ways to connect to women. I did this in the grocery store just the other day.

I was talking to a woman and she started complaining to me about her job and I looked at her and I said you don’t hate your job. And she looked at me and she was like, “yeah, you’re right.” And that, I challenged her because I just got this sense you know and what’s great about that, challenging women, is even if I was wrong it still creates this impact, you know.

I was like, you don’t hate you job, and she was like, “yeah actually I really, really hate it.” And I look at her and I say, “you know what, you need to leave. You need to get out of there.” And I seriously coached her, as if I’d known her whole life and I was her kindergarten friend and I just discovered she hated her job, I would coach her.


So, what I’m doing is I’m engaging her and I’m feeling the emotions. You need to get out of that job. You know, I’m feeling it and so what makes this work is not what you say to women, but just that you’re feeling something and that makes them feel the feelings and then they feel like, wow, when I’m with this guy we, you know, I do what I love to do. As a woman I love to feel and when I’m with this guy I feel more.

Andy: That is cool.

Lance: That is cool.

Andy: Now, Lance, I’m going to complete like take us, like jump off the tracks and try something else.

Lance: Ok.

Andy: Ok, I have seen the pictures for it already. We haven’t released it yet, but you got to tell me, what to heck is the Obsession Button?


Lance: What’s the Obsession Button? You know what’s funny I’ve been teaching this, I haven’t been teaching, I kind of have some new understandings of this since I’ve been teaching this for years. But, I never called it the Obsession Button. And it’s just kind of the idea. It really is a button you push in women and the reason… Basically what it has to do with is it has to do with an event that women have been waiting their entire lifes for this event to happen.

And what’s been happening is, over the years they’ve been building all these emotions, they have all these images of what it’s going to be like when a man comes and sweeps her off her feet and they have all these ideas. And, what’s interesting about these ideas is these ideas are really biological in nature because these stories are similar across different societies.

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