Asking For A Second Date On The First Date

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Asking For A Second Date On The First Date

Instead of the usual “can I take you out”, I said to this lady I wanted to take out “So when are we going out?” It worked because she told me the date and time when we were going out..And out we went.

The problem now is twofold: she is now working and knocks off late and, she now stays far. So she says it will be difficult for us to go out for a second date which I have requested. I don`t know what to do with all the feelings I have let out for her..

>>> David Kwan Answer:

Yo my man how are things? Well Jammmie, apparently the issue you have currently is this. You did 2 GRAVE mistake on your date.


That’s like shoving a big ass flourescent yellow ‘Me – love you but Me – wussy..’ sign in front of her face!

No no no! You don’t ASK for a 2nd date. You’re supposed to get HER to ask you, NOT the other way around!

I believe the problem was simply because your ‘outing’ wasn’t EXHILIRATING enough to motivate her to go out with you again.

(Trust me, when a girl finds you interesting, had fun & truly enjoyed going out with you, distance won’t be an excuse at all! In fact, more than anything else, if a girl likes you, she’ll jump through hoops and do just about ANYTHING to see you!)

My guess is that what you actually went through with her that night was just the standard ‘talk, talk, talk, no ‘action’, boring sort of dates…

No wonder she didn’t respond.

The other mistake you did was you told her your feelings??!! That better not be the 1st date when u did that, if it was then I’m coming over to give you my trademark whoop-ass Jet Li sommersault flying kick.

OMG, that’s suicide bro!

Never tell a girl you like her.


That’s so 90s.

What you’re supposed to be doing is to constantly stir her feelings (make her mad, confused, frustrated with you and then bring her back up – two steps forward one step back, remember?).

Most guys are usually afraid of doing that as they’re afraid she might just walk off and leave. But what they don’t know is that this is exactly the stuff that will make the woman you met on adultfrienedfinder FEEL it FOR YOU.

Sure it might frustrate the hell outta her but trust me girls just LOVE all this dramatic stuff!

Don’t be soo transparent and eager in your interactions with her, don’t agree with her all the time, challenge her buddy! Show her you’re interested, then pull back a little, you know.

But no worries bro.. small matter. I did the exact same mistake when I first started out blindly years ago. It’s all part of the learning curve.

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