Boost your Interactions with some Key Tips

Boost your Interactions with some Key Tips

Hey guys, Troy here from down south (Of the United States that is). When i hang out with guys who either are good or want to be good with women, I usually get asked about my skill sets, so on this blog I want to address some key tips I use that could turbo boost your interactions to the next level. 

To you guys, A tip on:  


 Pupil Dilation – This is one little detail that women catch ALL THE TIME. Notice that you can say the right things, but if you value something your pupils will dilate.  If the girls see this from the get go, you’re left in the dust.  Control your eyes. They are truly the windows to your soul. Control your blinking, control the way they dilate. How? Have a frame of mind that her efforts are the only thing that could impress you.  But don’t be afraid to express interest through your eyes once she’s said something unique, and compelling, and moreso if she mentions something daring!


 Work with what she gives you – Most guys don’t notice that everything they need to succeed in the interaction is right there in front of them.

 I opened a really cute girl during a school-wide student success week. We ended up walking together during processing.  During the whole interaction, I listened more and got her cues:

 “…Hmmm maybe that’s why I’m still single”

“…Yeah I don’t really find a lot of interesting things to do here since I don’t know that many people”

I’ve heard a number of interactions where these things are mentioned and the guy just ignores it and keeps going on!  Listen for the hints guys! Don’t be the guy who is just waiting to say the next thing.


 Be a value giver – This is absolutely powerful.  Be the listener. Don’t be afraid of calling out the situation. Ask the big questions.  Be comfortable with fewer words and concentrate more on connecting emotionally. A girl once asked me if we could talk…and I said “I’d rather not if you don’t have anything interesting to say cuz I surely don’t have anything right now.” It was the honest truth. Guess what, she said “OK let’s try this, I’ll try to be interesting and you try to be interesting.” Don’t be afraid to show interest, as long as its something she deserves.

Another thing is give her the chance to talk to you and “game” you. Most guys run so much game in the beginning it becomes apparent who is gaming who, and initially that could or could not have been the case.  This is the burden of guys who run routine after routine.  They have to continually come up with stuff to keep her interested, and the conversational ratio itself shows who is needy. Another example, I was in banana republic buying some basic shirts, and the saleslady asked me “Are you old enough to even wear these?” That’s a solid indicator of interest, her excuse to talk to me.  Now did I jump into the fray? NO. I gave her a chance to game me and flirt with me. Say less, sub communicate more, connect more, SOI.  At the end of it I vacuumed her and sub communicated “Where is this interaction going?” After getting the cue she went to the counter and ripped out a piece of paper and put her number on it.


Actually mentioning what you want to do with her – A good friend told me “Seek and you will find, Ask and it shall be given” How do you know if she wants to or not if she doesn’t mention it? For starters who are having problems escalating, this is great.  For something a little bit advanced, you can use it as a cue for her falling into your sexual tension trap.  Talk about Make outs, kissing, sex, etc. She won’t know if it’s alright until you start it off.

One time I was on a phone with this girl and got her talking about making out, being a good kisser, and giving a random blow job. It all started when I asked her: What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? She gave me 6 answers as mundane as “Walking around her house naked” to “Making eye contact with a hot stranger” to “Having great sex with someone I can emotionally connect with (hahaha!)”  On all points you have to connect emotionally or by experience, and reward her for her efforts to share it with you example “Intense eye contact, I like that…I like the tension”. When it was my turn, I mentioned non-sex stuff: “ I rode a mechanical bull, I snorkeled among barracudas….Then she asked “I mean sexy daring”… I knew where she wanted to go, and well…you know where the convo went, and eventually the interaction. The bar was set, and the sexual tension was up similar as on adultfrinendfinder.  I knew what I wanted to do with her when we met, and she knew what she wanted to do to me, completely comfortable with it. Case closed.

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