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How To Deal With Other Guys

Hey guys, another aspect about picking up women that most people overlook is dealing with other dudes. I want to put down a few of my thoughts here; we can expand in more depth later.

In college (and the rest of the world for that matter), because of the tribe state of mind we encompass, there is a constant contest among men for superiority. Expect it. Even your boys will try to give you shit and it’s usually unintentional, but you might as well know how to deal with it when it comes.

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Use the “Fated Encounter” For First Date Seduction Success

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could generate feelings within a woman of a deep connection with you… even if you two have known each other for only a small amount of hours… and without having to resort to complex (and risky!) hypnosis strategies?

Well, good news. There is a very simple no-risk way to do this. I call it the Fated Encounter Technique.

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Steps for a Successful Seduction

Okay, let’s quickly review the internal organs of the seduction steps.

Seduction Step 1: First, open the girl or her group.

Seduction Step 2: Second, build your social value to the girl through stories, routines, social proof, nonverbal sexual cuing, leading her peer group, and so on. You can also decrease the girl’s social value through value zingers and ignoring her.

Seduction Step 3: Third, once you have social value and receive a few green lights from her, screen and accept her.

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How To Become The Alpha Male That Gets Girls

Men who are not as easily manipulated by women’s sometimes confusing, annoying, or even rude behavior cause women to feel attracted in a very powerful way.

An alpha dominant male who she can’t manipulate is instantly attractive to any woman.

Their state is relaxed, calm, of low energy.


Alpha dominant males always remain calm in the face of possible anger. They don’t let anything phase them. They allow any perceived or overt insult to slip by and turn it around on HER.

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The Inner Game of Approach Anxiety

Get ready for some cool #$&% here… I’ve got a message that will really help you with this whole “anxiety” thing…

The biggest question that guys have about approaching and

“Day game” is simply this:

“How do I get rid of my approach anxiety?”

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Tips On How To Pick Up Women

Going on an instant date creates an insane amount of comfort and trust which is exactly what you need if you want to take her home.

Anyways, I try to get as much instant dates as possible.

So I can take her for coffee, go for a walk, go inside a store and look at clothes.

The more time I spend with her, the better.

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How To Attract Women: By Being a Bad Boy

It seems that when it comes to men chasing women, we guys are separated into two camps: the nice guys… and the bad boys. This is a dreadfully intense way of looking at things, making men think that they have to make some huge verdict with stern repercussions, like choosing between the Jedi and Dark Side, good and evil, black and white. But what about the middle ground? If you’re a nice guy who puts women on a pedestal and lets them get away with anything, you definitely can’t let them keep doing this. But if you’re a bad guy who treats women like yesterday’s trash, you’re not going to do much better also. So there’s got to be some negotiation. Here are my seven confirmed techniques for getting women by taking on your “inner bad boy”–while still allowing yourself to be you.

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How to Get a Woman to Treat You the Way You Deserve

You know the scenario. You begin dating a woman. After the first date, all you get is a peck on the cheek.

Second date, you get a lips kiss. Third date, you hold hands. It’s a very sluggish process.

You can’t comprehend why it has to take so long to have sex with the woman. After all, you’re buying her meals. You even splurged on some beautiful flowers.

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How To Improve Your Skills With Women

Finding yourself trapped on the path to getting better with women? Good. I had lots of stumbling blocks too. I’ve discovered that becoming unstuck is always a matter of addressing one of the following seven issues:

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The Inner Game of Approach Anxiety

What if your Approach Anxiety was clown? Dressed in a ridiculous outfit?

And he’s carrying around a bag of pretzels that he keeps pushing up his nose…

And every time he tries to talk you out of approaching, he rips a wicked fart…

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