Do I want a meet a woman who works out

Do I want a meet a woman who works out

Lance: You know, and you just kind of ask yourself because I meet women at like Whole Foods or at the gym, you know I have other cool thing that I do. Like I love to kite board or salsa dancing and you know. It’s like do I want to meet a woman who goes out to 3 am. and drinks which means she probably smokes and I don’t, I’m not a big smoker personally.

Do I want to meet a woman like that who’s constantly meeting men and just kind of like, you know, or do I want a meet a woman who works out, she’s really focused on her career? She has a couple of really focused hobbies, but really she’s kind of too busy, got too many important things going on in her life to just kind of go to bars seeking validation from men on adultfrienedfinder app, filling up her calendar with dates that she probably won’t show up at.

It’s like what kind of woman do I want to meet? And for me that was the reason that I really started going back to DayGame because you know I did DayGame before I even found the community.

Andy: Right. Right.

Lance: And I did DayGame for I think nine years before I knew the community existed. And I never went to bars, really never went to bars at all, but I certainly never went to bars to meet women. Then I started really getting into BarGame and what happens is there’s, you’re putting a lot of time into BarGame. You just get this kind of rush out of it. It’s something that everyone loves to do.

Andy: Yeah, the adrenaline. Complete adrenaline.

Lance: But then when I got serious about my life I started gaining weight, you know, I actually got laid off. True story. I got laid off from my job because I was always, always tired, always exhausted. I’ve got some stories to go with that, but then I started to get serious about this business and for awhile the business was just fun. I was just going out and meeting women and kind of enjoying the lifestyle of it.

But then I decided I wanted to get serious about it. I knew, wait a minute, I can’t spend four hours a night just hooking up with random women, meeting random women. And when I wanted higher quality women, when I wanted a girlfriend I knew I had to meet her during the day. I didn’t have to, but I knew it would be easier to meet a real quality woman. And I met a great woman in the gym.

Andy: Yeah.

Lance: And she was in shape. She was in shape and she had a great career and she was really smart and she had a real good head on her shoulders. And she didn’t play any of these mind games. She doesn’t go out seeking validation from men, so she doesn’t have these games. So, that’s kind of an obvious thing I think a lot of guys fell like they’ll meet better quality women during the day.

It takes no time. I think that’s pretty intuitive. I met women during my lunch break for years when I was in consulting.

Andy: Right, Right.

Lance: And I worked for a big consulting company. So, I would work in one city for six months, another city for six months, a lot of long commutes, so when I got staffed somewhere new, my big thing was I got to meet a woman in this area. You know, I’m working in Palo Alto now, I’ve got to find a girlfriend in Palo Alto. So, just during my lunch breaks I would get two or three girlfriends in Palo Alto and I’d only like commute two or three days a week and kind of spend the night there.

It was really cool, but you just kind of, it’s really that easy. But here’s something that I didn’t expect from DayGame and I think a lot of guys maybe don’t expect this. It’s way easier to get physical with women during the day.

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