When you meet women during the day, they’re thirsting for connection

When you meet women during the day, they’re thirsting for connection

Lance: She probably goes out all the time. She probably met a hundred men in the last week or the last month or whatever and she’s probably had a lot of dates. She probably just ahs this constant influx of guys in and out of her life and that’s why she’s flaky. There’s nothing wrong with her. She’s just all, you know.

Andy: You’re just another…

Lance: I’m just another guy.

Andy: Another one.

Lance: You know, another guy. Now, if I meet a woman at the gym and you can tell she goes to the gym all the time and you talk to her and she’s got a kickass career. You can tell she’s really busy on her career. If you can get that woman to show up on a date you’re…

Andy: You’re home. You’re home.

Lance: Who knows, it’s amazing the quality of women. I mean, you know the really amazing women that’ll tell you… I had a woman, I met a woman, this amazing Pilipino woman, just six pack abs, really good career, and we started getting kind of hot and heavy on the date. This was one of the kind of last dates I can really remember.

And she kind of started to tense up, but started to resist a little bit and I’m kind if just playing with her and keeping it really cool and really light and she kind of looks at me and she kind of smiles and goes it’s just been a really, really long time since I’ve had sex on adultfrinendfinder.com login. And you hear that all the time. And you’re like ok, this is going to be not so hard.

Because here’s a woman, I mean here’s a, I have women coming in and out of my life all the time, here’s a woman who hasn’t been with a man in nine months. Hasn’t been with a man in a year.

Andy: Ouch.

Lance: Or a year or over and you meet those women during the day and no wonder it’s pretty easy and, you know, I don’t know what guys are into. Some guys just want to meet a woman and they want to get physical right away and think that the bar is the easiest place to do that because they think those are the women that are looking for it. But, no, those are the women that have options for that every night.

Andy: Exactly.

Lance: When you meet women during the day, these are the women who never meet men, they’re thirsting for connection, they’re thirsting for conversation, they’re thirsting for a lot of things, but they’re also thirsting for the physical aspects and they don’t have a lot of choice about it.

Andy: So, tell me then, what are the big mistakes that guys typically will do when they are doing DayGame?

Lance: Well I thing doing DayGame, calling it quote unquote DayGame, I would call that a mistake, but I would call that unnecessary. What I like to do is do things that I enjoy doing. I did something interesting. I just joined a new gym and in my mind they had all these new classes and stuff and my thing is, ok, I’m going to go to the gym and every time I’m going to flirt with a woman before the class and after the class I’m going to flirt with one woman and if things go really well I might stay with her.

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