Do Pickup Lines Actually Work?

Do Pickup Lines Actually Work?

“Do you have any raisins? No? Well then, how about a date?”

Pickup lines can be really cheesy, sleazy, and sometimes funny… however when one thinks of pickup lines as a serious method to pick up a woman it tends to make me feel sick to the stomach. The problem with the majority of pickup lines are that they are too contrived and insincere which doesn’t help with starting conversation or picking up a woman.

People who use pickup lines might be seen as sociable and funny, however they are also viewed as being less trustworthy and having less intelligence. Both these qualities, intelligence and trustworthiness, are top qualities that a woman is looking for, whether it’s a hookup or a long term relationship.

There is an exception to the rule which is using pickup lines as an obvious joke. These typically don’t have much of a negative impact if the woman you use it on is someone who is looking for a quick fling/one night stand or if you are above average when it comes to attractiveness.

Of course this still means that the majority of the time, using a pickup line is going to fail. So what should you do, instead of trying to find the right person to use your lines on?

One of the best approaches is being direct. A direct line might be something like the following “Hey, I saw you across the way and thought you were really cute so I just knew I had to meet you” or something as simple as “Hello, my name is…”.

A direct approach works for multiple reasons. The first is that you come off as being trustworthy. The woman knows exactly what you are about and she also sees that you are the type of person who can tell the truth, instead of trying to hide behind a wall.

The second reason a direct approach works is because it portrays you as someone who has a lot of confidence. This is another extremely important feature that women look for in the opposite sex and helps attract them to you.

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