Online Neg Strategy That Works Wonders

Online Neg Strategy That Works Wonders

Online Neg Strategy That Works Wonders

I recently had somewhat of a breakthrough concerning online dating. I’m currently hooking up with a couple of girls, but a lot is never enough so I’m back to finding women online as I’ve been somewhat “busy” otherwise. Anyway, in the second e-mail, after you’ve sent your opener (check other sections of this guide for info on some great online openers), give the following response (let’s say the girls name is Allie):

“Hey Al, you go by Al right? I don’t know many shortenings of that name and I’d like to avoid typing that last “lie” as I’m a busy man. So until further notice, Al it is.”

Follow it up with a great DHV story about how “ridiculous your week has been” or something like that. I’ve field tested this three times so far, and each time its gotten a great response, and has shifted the girls into a much more comfortable state. This shows that you are beyond the “what do you like to do for fun?” bullshit questions and are instead being playful and having some fun teasing her, women are very attracted to this kind of behavior. Also, remember that it really breaks the tension if you follow it with a funny DHV story.

Here’s another example, I used it for a girl from adultfriendrfinder named Bree (and called her “B”).

Here’s her response:

“Okay, first to be discussed is this new ‘B’ nickname. I’m going to allow it on paper, because I see your point that B is just so much faster and convenient than B…R…E…E… However, when spoken, I’m gonna need you to spill out the whole thing. Think that’s a good compromise? After all, it is only one syllable.”

Notice how she said “When spoken…”, which indirectly hints at the fact that she expects us to meet in person or at least talk on the phone in the near future. This is evidence of her expecting our relationship to escalate because my cleaver use of negs has made her become attracted to me. Essentially, her saying that was an IOI that let me know my game worked.

Unfortunately, online game means that girls may stop talking to you at any time no matter how good your game actually is. The simple logic behind this is easy to get a grip on: they do it because it’s easy, as the social pressures of cutting it off are very mild compared to “real life”.

However, this same logic should also give you comfort and make you not care much when it does happen, since the social pressures of getting ignored aren’t that bad either in online dating. I’m never angry when this happens, and I’ll even randomly stop talking to chicks also sometimes, so getting mad would kind of make me a hypocrite.

Everyone has the right to decide that you are not right for them, and so do you. But you also have the right to have one more chance to prove that their perception of you is wrong.

With that in mind, I decided to try to come up with an e-mail to send to a HB that hasn’t returned my last message in an effort to get her back into my mix. After much trial and error, this is what I’ve found works best, and with it I’ve been able to get about half the girls back. If a girl isn’t answering you, wait at least two weeks and then send her the following:

E-mail Title: “I’m Phenomenal”

“The e-mail title pretty much says it all. If you have chosen to move on, thats fine, but it really needs to be said that I’m absolutely spectacular. And if you are just waiting a really long time to write back then, well, let the power of my utter awesomeness guide your hands as you type: Dear Player87…”

I’ve field tested this a lot and it does work. However, it is important to note that unless you go out of your way to hold her interest in the next e-mail, (DHV, neg, the works), she’ll start ignoring you again immediately. But this will at least give you a shot at bringing her back.

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