The Softest Lips

The Softest Lips

I walked into the bar, and knew she was looking at me. Actually, she couldn’t see the entrance from where she was sitting, but she was looking *for* me. My spidey sense told me so.

I walked past the pillar in the middle of the bar and saw her standing near a small leather couch. As our eyes met, she quickly looked away. She’s shy. And small. – A cute Thai girl hanging out with her friends (one guy and one girl – also Thai).

I know she wanted me to approach, but I didn’t. I teased her a little. I let her watch me more. I love showing off similar like on adultfrienedfinder app. She was standing behind me, but I felt her attention across my back. It’s like a 6th sense I’ve developed to feel a woman’s attraction. I think by then she had girl coded her friend: c-u-t-e b-o-y … My presence was strong.

It was a workshop night, and the workshop had ended. Guys were still lingering, talking game, socializing, or getting their “reward drink” for a night of solid effort.

I planned my approach, feeling every movement slow like a cheetah walking softly. I walked past her again, and started talking to one of the guys from the class right next to her. I was only a foot away now, with my back turned.

She bumped me. Perfect. Pounce.

I slowly turn over my shoulder. “Hey, did you bump me?”

Her: “Errrruh?” *smile*

“It’s probably the drink. Are you drinking Cinco De Mayo drinks?” *smile*

Her: “Errrruh?” *smile*

I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to keep talking. She was taking it in, no quick response. It was smooth like it was meant to be.

“Yeah, you gotta drink Tequila for Cinco De Mayo.”

Her: “hmmm…” *smile*

It took a minute, but she eventually started bantering back. Soon, she was laughing and smiling, and I gradually turned to be completely facing her. We were close and intimate.

She acted like she hadn’t been watching me. And, I acted it right back. Classic “indirect.” It’s all a game, and she knows. It really comes out as more of a dance.

I introduced myself and sat down to start a real conversation. Things were going well. I decided that it was time to introduce myself to her friends, as they’d surely noticed me by now.

Her friends smile and shake my hand. Good. Her friends are my friends. Everyone’s happy.

We kept talking but the high traffic area near the bar was becoming increasingly annoying. I suggested a more comfortable couch away from the bar. We stood and before I could say anything to her friends, she pre-empted me. “Hey guys, we’re just going to go over to that couch and talk,” she said.

Her friends agreed with smiles on their faces, and so we walked over to the couch.

Now there were no distractions and we could go deep. I don’t always go deep in rapport with a girl, but I like to when I can. We talked about Thailand, my travels, her home… We talked about living with passion and finding your path in life.

At this point, I wanted to know her name. “I forgot your name,” I told her.

She wasn’t upset – it was a passing moment the first time around. She told me her name again and I tried to spell it. I spelled it wrong and she corrected me.

I entered into one of my favorite routines. Every time I use it, it comes out differently, but it always succeeds in taking me from a surface level conversation to a deeper conversation.

Me: “You know, when I remember a person’s name, I have to spell it in my head to remember. I’m very visual like that. Are you a visual person?”

Her: “No… well… “

Me: *smile*

Her: “well, I guess… when I go shopping, I can look at some clothes and imagine a complete outfit and how it will look on me. They always ask me if I want to try things on, but I say ‘no’ because I just sit there and imagine it.”

Me: (being the fashion/artistic/imaginative person that I am…) “wow… that’s so cool.”

Me: “So, If I was holding a flower…” oh, yeah, switching into a little NLP from the Ross Jefferies days (credit where credit is due).

“… If I was holding a flower, what kind of flower would it be?” I held out my hand.

At this point she was just melting, talking slowly and softly.

“I don’t know the name,” she said. “but it’s one of those white ones with the pink thing in the middle.” She started gesturing a flower shape above the imaginary stem resting in my hand.

“Yeah, I know those flowers,” I said. “That’s cool.”

She responded, “Yes, but it will only live for 2 weeks.”

“Well, you’ll have to take care of it and water it for the next 2 weeks.”

“No, it doesn’t need any water; it’ll just live for 2 weeks and then die.”


“Well, I’ll have to see you again in the next two weeks… before the flower dies.”

“Yes, you will,” she smiled.

The lights in the bar came on. Brightness. Closing time. I needed to wrap it up. I got her phone number and set up a date for Tuesday dinner. When I got her number, I called her right then and there and talked with her on the phone. Same cheesy routine I always use – but I love it. They always smile.

“Hey, it’s me,” I said into the pretend conversation. “I just met the coolest girl tonight, except she’s talking on the phone right now. I think she’s trying to ignore me… anyway, you’d like her… I think.”

She couldn’t do anything but giggle. Oh, I love to make them giggle.

Ok, time to really wrap it up. I made a graceful exit and returned to my friends.

Sean saw the big grin on my face as I walked up. I didn’t have to say it, but I did: “I was falling in love.” He knew.

The night wound down, and we started walking toward the car. “Ok… think!” – the voice in my head… “next step, next step… .. I’m going to text her tonight! Yes, that’ll be great. So special.”

“Brilliant,” the voice continued. “But, what?”

“hmmm….. ‘Happy Cinco De Mayo!’”

“No, that’s lame. Boooring!”

“hmmm… ok, something special… something meaningful… the flower!”

“Yeah… the flower, now that’s a good idea.”

“Yes, it’s brilliant.”

“But what about the flower?”

“hmmm….. flower has to stay alive… keep it alive… flower alive… alive = fresh…. …keep the flower fresh.”

“… keep the flower fresh? Kinda gay don’t you think? Kinda perverted and sexual, too. Kinda… well… Vaginal.”

“yeah, but personal and meaningful. I can pull it off.”

“Ok, well how about ‘Keep The Flower Fresh, Julie’”

“yes, good… good… it softens the sexual overtone by using the name… “

“You think you can really pull this off?”

“hmmm… maybe… let’s ask a wingman.”

“Hey Dan B,” I said outloud.

“Yeah?” Dan B responded

“What do you think?”

“hmmmm……” He thought about it for a while. “Send it.”

“Ok,” I pressed send.

“Oh, man it’s make it or break it. That’s a pretty funky message to text someone,” I thought to myself.

Time passed. No response.

More time… Then, 2:40AM, a text comes in:
“I will Smile”


The days flew by as we went through an intense weekend of The Art Of Attraction. And soon enough, Tuesday rolled around. Time for our date. We had sent texts again on Monday, and then on Tuesday. I was ready to have her over, but she called at the last minute and said she had to work late. No can do.

No bother.

I called her on Wed. and gauged her attraction. She was still with me. We talked again on Thursday and I invited her over for a quick “work break” on Friday.

This is my new favorite day 2… “The Work Break”. I have them come over any time, while I’m working. I go out for an hour and a half, get to know them, and then go back to work. It fits perfectly into my schedule and no doubt increases my productivity for the hours I work.

She agreed, and so it was. We met at my house, and she came inside. She visited my bedroom, saw all of my cool stuff, saw some of my work, and then we left. We didn’t do much, just walked to Washington Square Park. It was a hot sunny day (so nice) so we sat in the park for an hour, just talking.

I was sitting cross-legged, facing her. She was lying in the grass and resting on an elbow. She had her pelvis slightly tilted toward me, almost reaching out toward me with her hips. It was romantic, sitting that way.

When the moment was right, we kissed. She had the softest lips. I told her so, and she was flattered.

We talked, and then we kissed some more.

She walked me back home, and looked like she wanted to come inside. Well, I really did have to work, so I brought her up only for a minute. But, I kicked her out with one more sweet goodbye kiss.

It was the very next day that some drama went down. Well, not drama, but a little disruption in paradise.

I wanted to say hi, so I texted her in the afternoon.
“Are you going to see the fireworks tonight?” I texted. I didn’t want her to miss it. KABOOM: the start of summer fireworks celebration.

Little did I know that she thought it was an invitation. (I wont make that mistake again.) She thought I wanted to meet up. But, only 24 hours had passed – Too soon. I had to tell her no. She was a little pissed, and I got nervous that I’d screwed something up.

Dan B just watched me and laughed. Getting nervous over a cute girl – The feeling never seems to go away. And, I hope it never does. It makes me feel like I’m in High School again.

I texted her the next day, and called too. (Go ahead and give me !#@* about being needy. I dare you.)

No response, so I just put her aside in my mind. Some time passed and sure enough she called. Things were happy again. Have faith.

But, the relationship was still in the air. We’d only spent a total of about 2 hours together in person. By all standards, it seemed to be headed in the right direction, but one never can tell when the person isn’t face to face.

Two and a half weeks passed since when we first met. We texted or called about 5-6 days a week during that time. It was never anything long or impressive, but just a teaser of what was to come. After the initial messages, most text’s were initiated by her. Basically, we kept in touch.

Eventually, we made plans for another Tuesday. Her work ended at 10PM, so she couldn’t come over until after that. (hmmm… sounded very much like a booty call to me.) I let her know that it’d be fine if she came over late at night. It was the only time we could meet. We made the plans.

10PM rolls around, and I get a text… someone got cold feet:
“I’m on my way, I’m bringing a friend, OK?”


(I know… you perverts are all thinking threesome… nah… this girl was just acting silly and girly.)

I called her right away:

“What’s up?”

“I’m leaving now, but I have a friend with me. Is that Ok?”

“No. I was planning on just hanging out with you.”

“Ok, I’ll call you back.”

Hmmm…. Tick tock… time passed. I started reading the new SF Magazine article while sitting by the phone.

My cell phone rang… same familiar ring tone.


“Hey, I’m out front.” .. ok, that was easy Smile

I let her in. Kisses right away. It was on.

We sat by the fireplace, and went through an old photo album while we adjusted to each other’s presence. Feeling good now. More kissing, that eventually led us into my bedroom.

She ended up spending the night and leaving in the morning. I gave her a morning kiss goodbye, as she walked out of my room.

I watched her cute butt wiggle as she swaggered out of the door, and then I got up and started work. I swear it increases my productivity during working hours.

Thus goes another night of romance. I know that some of you had the pleasure of meeting her, so I wanted to share the tale.

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